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We offer a wide range of consumables and parts direct to end-user clients or their nominated maintenance service providers. Our consultancy services will ensure that your supply and stock of parts is optimised to deliver savings and efficiency.

We can provide parts to order, or work with you to assess your needs and develop an ongoing parts and consumables strategy. This will ensure that mission-critical parts are identified for immediate replacement to minimise or eliminate disruption to your operations. At the same time, we can help you save on acquisition overheads by optimising stock so you do not hold onto unnecessary parts.

Products include

Bearings and seals

  • general ball bearings
  • housed bearings
  • seals

Mechanical power transmission

  • Belts
  • couplings
  • gearboxes<
  • chain drives

Electrical power transmission

  • electrical
  • motor control
  • sensors
  • motors

Fluid Power

  • pneumatics
  • hydraulics
  • air filtration

Tools and maintenance Health & Safety equipment